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American Witches

This is an Animatic for my thesis American Witches: Reimagining Colonial New England for Animation. This animatic shows a snippet of the story.


Storyboard samples from my directorial debut. Sabar is about a young girl named Amina who gets whisked away to a magical party inspired by Senegalese folklore.


A young witch named Opal collects ingredients for a potion to create the perfect pet.

Macy, an aspiring magician, makes the ultimate mistake during one of her performances.

Animatic Made in Storyboard Pro

The Magnificant Macy

Coffee Run

A tiny bee decides to dance in the wrong car.

Adapted from a random prompt of three images depicting a Brazilian Carnival dancer, a beekeeper suit, and a Drive-Thru window.


After finding her deceased Uncle's hidden treasure map, archeologist Cassie embarks on a journey that takes her deep into the Honduran jungle where she makes an amazing discovery.

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